Flash Photography

Get the most from your accessory flash/speedlight in this hands-on course. Learn tips and techniques for getting great results from your flash.

This class begins with an overview of accessory flash features and adjustments and then leads into creative flash techniques such as bouncing light and use of flash to fill shadows in portraits.

6 Hours

Tuesdays, Wednesday February 5, 6, 12 - 7-9pm

Cost 180.00 + GST only = 189.00

Registration– Don’s Photo, 1902 8th Street East, Saskatoon, PH 934-3111

NEW! Flash 2.0- Nikon Wireless


Flash 2.1- Canon Wireless

Take your flash photography to the next level. You will explore different options for off camera flash with emphasis on wireless flash. Learn your own camera and flash's wireless options and gain experience with flash triggers like Phottix and Pocket Wizard. Use light modifiers like umbrellas, soft boxes, reflectors, snoots and colored flash filters. Manually adjust speedlight levels for the ultimate lighting control or use TTL for the convenience. A must have class for anyone wanting to use speedlights for portraits as well as those wanting to light interiors such as realtors who photograph propertys.

Participants should have taken the Flash Photography class or have equivalent experience.

Nikon Wireless - Watch for dates

Canon Wireless - Watch for dates

Cost 180.00 + GST only = 189.00