Unlock the creative potential of your digital SLR camera in this eight hour, hands-on class. A comprehensive class for beginners and those wanting to brush up, this course covers the essential topics for improving your SLR photography. Learn how to use your camera and discover the settings that make the biggest difference in your photos.

Mondays and Tuesdays September 16, 17, 23, 24 - 7-9pm

Cost 240.00 + GST only = 252.00

Registration– Don’s Photo, 1902 8th Street East, Saskatoon, PH 306-934-3111

Get the most from your accessory flash/speedlight in this hands-on course. Learn tips and techniques for getting great results from your flash.

This class begins with an overview of accessory flash features and adjustments and then leads into creative flash techniques such as bouncing light and use of flash to fill shadows in portraits.

6 Hours-

Watch for new dates

Cost 180.00 + GST only = 189.00


Mirrorless Essentials

Tuesdays and Wednesdays October 1, 2, 8, 9 - 7-9pm

Cost 240.00 + GST only = 252.00

Registration– Don’s Photo, 1902 8th Street East, Saskatoon, PH 306-934-3111

Learn the techniques that pros use to get vivid color and detail and how to take control of exposure even in difficult situations. Guided tasks improve your understanding of depth of field and teach you to use reflectors and grey discs. Uncover how lens selection and advanced focus options can aid in your photography.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays November 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 - 7-9pm

Cost 295.00 + GST only = 309.75

Registration– Don’s Photo, 1902 8th Street East, Saskatoon, PH 934-3111

Outdoor Portraits:

Sunday September 22, 10:00am-2:30pm

Cost 120.00 + GST only = 126.00

Photoshop Touch-ups

Watch for new dates

Cost 120.00 + GST only = 126.00

We offer basic photography courses, special workshops and individual tutoring. Learn to use the latest photography equipment and software. Register at Don's Photo 1902 8th Street East Saskatoon Phone 306-934-3111

Night Photography Workshop

Cost 145.00 + GST only = 152.25

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Macro Photography



Digital photography is equal parts science, craft and artistic expression. With the theory gained from the Essentials and Intermediate classes you are ready to take the next step to cultivating your love and understanding of photography. Advanced Digital Photography combines guided hands on tasks in class with take home assignments and group discussions to give you a well-rounded knowledge of digital photography. Have your photos critiqued so that you can learn from your mistakes and successes.

Composition is critical to attaining a successful photo and the rule of thirds is only a starting point. Learn time tested ways to improve your composition. Rules such as proximity, similarity, continuance and closure take your creativity to the next level. Of course understanding light is the key to good photography and this course gives you that perception. Your portraits and landscapes both benefit from a clear knowledge of quality and angle of light. Explore special techniques for landscape, nature and portrait photography. Learn how making stitched panoramas can be a breeze.

  • Assignments completed between classes and discussed

  • Advanced techniques

  • Creative lighting

  • Composition

  • Tripod use

  • Creating stitched panoramas

  • Effective and efficient workflow for organization and editing

10 hours

Watch for new dates

• Cost 295.00 + GST only = 309.75